U-Channel TV

About Us

Media these days have role more than just to provide entertainment. Media become a tools to educate people. The media educates children, young professionals, family and all different segments. It gives us different perspective about the world around us and also make us understand about who we are. U Channel a Christian TV channel trying to educate and entertain people through all the segments for the future. Providing programs with value and integrity. U-Channel is global yet local, spiritual yet practical. In today’s world, seeing is believing. We want people to believe what they see in U-Channel is worth to pursue.

To Impact the world through media

To offer a new breed of International Christian programming

including cutting edge<br /> programs for young professional, teenager, family and children

To be a dynamic Christian Television

Be Inspiring

Coverage & Benefit

U Channel can be watched by using parabolas through Palapa-D Satelite with frequency: 4080 Mhz, Symbol Rate: 28.125 Msps, Forward Error Correction: 3/4 Channel 7.


Asia – New Zealand – Middle East


24 Hours Per Day


A better presentation quality


No subscription cost required (free to air)